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Why people tend to fall out of Love?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Love is a beautiful emotion, isn't it? Without it, the world ceases to exist. Be it from the time of your birth, until the day you die, different forms of Love stay constant in your life.

Your mother, Father, Siblings, Grandparents, Friends, Relatives, Pets, Life Partner, Children, Grandchildren and so on. Love is like an energy, that cannot be created or destroyed. It's always there, even if the person or being doesn't exist in your life anymore.

Sure, you fight with them, you grow apart, and even move on from that relationship. But, the Love you had for them, was true, wasn't it? Just because they're gone, and not a part of your life anymore, doesn't make the bond that you once cherished, a lie.

When we fall in Love, we make our mind and heart believe that this person is good for us. No matter how they are, what imperfections or flaws they have, what they do etc. We train our hearts to believe and trust them blindly. Convincing our thoughts that we are truly happy, and we actually are! Once that Love brings responsibility, things start piling up. One after another, problems seem to pop into our lives, which outgrow the Love we have for them. Especially with our Life Partners or Children.

Once responsibilities start building up, we forget the little things that make us, or our partners/children/friends happy. We get so involved in building ourselves for the sake of our family, that we forget about the little corner that we invested for love to exist. Young love, before responsibilities are easy.

Especially because most finances, responsibilities, and burdens are handled by our parents. Therefore, love seems extremely easy with the meetings, the dates, the conversations, the sweet memories etc. We carry and expect all of those beliefs and events to exist even after getting married.

Of course, it does exist in the beginning, when the marriage is new. You're exploring new things about your partner, and vise versa. Slowly, you get used to them living in the same space as you. From there, responsibilities start shooting up, causing life to become a bit hectic and boring.

You're completely habituated with this person living with you, and the whole sense of responsibility stresses you out at a point. That saturation point is when you start to lose the emotions you once had. You begin to feel depressed, despite the fact that you have a great partner. Some don't feel so, but it happens at least once in a married couples' life. They love each other, but are bored of the routine or stressed from all the responsibilities and burdens they have to face. That's when fights start to happen.

Some couples are lucky to get through the worst fights, and still love each other madly. Some couples, get hurt through each fight, yet manage to live under the same roof. But, most couples actually start feeling a void building up between them. That void comes into the picture, because the domination of all sorts of stresses and responsibilities causes the love to seem very small, and fading away.

Those who manage to stay in a healthy state of being despite the ugliest of fights, have the strength to move forward no matter what happens. I don't mean to say, that those who don't, aren't worthy of being happy. But, that is one of the problems that most couples face today. Now, such couples believe that their love is falling apart, and one day exclaim that they cannot love the person anymore. That's where infidelity, or the concept of divorce slowly builds.

They make themselves believe that they've fallen out of love. Whereas, they haven't. They've just forgotten how love felt, from all the stress, fights, and misunderstandings. Once, they get a taste of that love and passion again, they'll realize their love for them, or another person. If they don't realize it. Then maybe, they never actually loved them strong enough or believed in it enough to suppress the domination of all sorts of things that could ruin it.

With all due respect. Everyone has their problems, and reasons to why they split or break up, I do understand. I just believe that these might be the reasons for love to fade away.

What do you think?

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