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Why hand-written gifts are the best...

Updated: May 11, 2022

As technology progresses and people become more dependent on gadgets and electronically inclined lifestyles, we sometimes look back at the good old days when we got to do things people rarely get to do nowadays.

Among those things was handwriting letters, notes, or gifts to someone.

Handwriting or Hand-making gifts for someone brings a whole different vibe and creates a more memorable atmosphere while creating a connection like no other.

You can use your own creative methods or utilize platforms to be able to send hand written notes to someone, like a handwritten note generator

So for what other reasons should you think of gifting someone a handwritten/handmade item?

  1. They bring more value...

Any gift is appreciated and cherished, as it should! However, imagine this. You miss someone or haven't seen someone for forever, and they send you a handwritten letter to you. Opening the letter, appreciating the handwriting and the fact that they took the time to write it themselves, makes it so much more special right?

On a professional ground, giving handwritten "Thank You" notes to your co-workers always brings more value to appreciating their hard work.

If you are a small business owner, then sending custom-made notes to your customers brings so much more value to your product, business, and integrity towards the customers.

2. People always open them!

Nowadays, we open our emails and texts and see a whole bunch of them in "unread". Some of them may be attended to at some point, but we all know that we just forget sometimes.

However, when we get physical mail, most of us open them every single time, right? So when you get some handwritten letters or notes, we always tend to open them at some point and cherish them too! It brings more value to it don't you think?

3. You can treasure them as mementos!

Have you been inside someone's home and come across hand-written letters that were framed or kept as memorabilia in their albums? Well, a lot of people love to do the same (Including myself!).

When you give someone a hand-written note or letter or make them something, and they put them up as memorabilia around their house or in their albums, it would make you happy wouldn't it?

People can frame them, store them in albums or scrapbooks, or storage as their mementos and keep them for life!

4. They are affordable!

Be it you writing/making them yourself, or getting them from businesses like Handwrytten, they are super affordable!

Handwrytten creates custom-made online handwritten notes, letters, business cards, and so much more (with signatures) for you starting at $3.25.

The best part about Handwrytten is that after a one-time fee, your handwriting will be available to you wherever, however, and whenever you need to use it on their platform. You can order singular prints or even in bulk too!

So have you decided to gift something hand-written to someone yet?


Hello wanderers!

It has been forever since I last wrote a blog, and it has been driving me crazy that I haven't been updating anything here for people constantly asking when the next blog would come out. I appreciate all the love and affection you shower towards me for doing what I love, and for encouraging my work here on "Journeys of a Wanderlust". I promise that more activity will be on this platform and I will be coming up with content to post very soon for you all!

-Your Wanderlust

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