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What being an Ambivert is like...

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Do you love meaningful and long conversations, but feel awkward during gatherings?

Are you social, but not socially ACTIVE?

Are you confused to decide whether you're an Introvert, or Extrovert?

Then you are most likely an Ambivert just like me!


Ambiverts are also called as "Omniverts"

Ambiverts possess both introversion and extroversion when it comes to their daily behavior and attitude.

Still confused? Here are some signs that can help you indicate whether you're an Ambivert or not.

If you're an Ambivert....

1) Parties seem interesting, but you don't stay there for too long.

2) Long Conversations are okay, as long as they are meaningful!

3) Your Comfort Zone has limits

4) You love to spend time alone, but not for too long.

5) You think before you speak for most of the time.

6) You maintain a balance with people around you. If the person is active and friendly, or shy and reserved, you blend in.

7) You tend to be shy or reserved only in particular situations.

8) You don't mind attention, but it depends on the context.

9) Meeting new people is not that hard for you, but you still prefer to have a back-up during gatherings.

10) You go with the flow of the environment of individuals around you.

What's so great about being an Ambivert? You must be wondering, what the advantage is of being an Ambivert. Well I can tell you a few ADVANTAGES...

- Ambiverts have better adaptation skills since their behaviors are strongly influenced by the external factors.

- They possess better Listening and Speaking Skills than others, as they think well before speaking, and in order to think, they must listen!

- They are aware and focused. Since they observe the environment, and individuals around them.

- Ambiverts have great Problem-Solving abilities.

- Do not jump into anything, or take risks. They tend to be very careful and also go with the flow of things.

- They are mostly content with their life and choices. Which keeps stress at bay.

- Ambiverts get along with EVERYONE, as they can adapt to the situation.

- Are more independent and confident

- They can make great leaders because of their listening, speaking and adaptation skills.

- They know how to behave, and know when and how to speak based on the environment and individuals around them because of their adaptation skills.


According to research, approximately 68% of the World's population today are Ambiverts!

When it comes to me...

I am proud to say that I am an Ambivert by nature, and by choice!

I say "by choice" because I used to be a complete Introvert, where I stayed in the corner of gatherings, quiet, shy, reserved, and stayed away from any attention whatsoever. Eventually some incidents in my life made me realize how important it is to be social, and get out of my comfort zone to achieve certain things in life.

One of the incidents that changed my perception, was a small pep talk that one of our seniors gave us in the auditorium during the first year of my Engineering. He spoke about how he had immense stage fear, yet chose to be a motivational speaker for us as he had ideas to share. He started his own club, and participated in so many events. I don't know whether it was the way he showed his confidence, despite his fear, or the fact that he didn't fear of anything else. That inspired me to take up challenges, and face things with my head held high. I still remember him saying

"The worst thing that can keep you from achieving your goal, is yourself. Your fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities."

From then on, I started participating actively in clubs, activities, cultural programs, workshops, competitions, and so much more (I hate bragging.)

Since I was an introvert, I didn't mingle with people that easily. I was scared and had trust issues for a whole different reason, so I didn't let people in. Even though I was "careful" I still found solace in the wrong individuals. They weren't bad, but they just weren't good for me to stay with. In the fear of being alone again, I hung onto them for dear life.

Eventually, I realized that this wasn't right and that I'm doing nothing but losing my dignity and self respect over individuals who don't require my presence in their lives in the first place.

That is another thing which lead me to be who I am today. I started being more social, active and open. I met a lot of interesting people along the way, and shared great experiences which I have learned so much from.

I was active, yet I had my own boundaries. I went out often, but only for a limited amount of time based on how comfortable I was. I interacted with a lot of people, met new individuals, and was socially active on media, yet I never crossed my limits or went too far from my comfort zone.

Although I was judged for being "too active", and misinterpreted for many things, I didn't bother. In fact, even though it was disturbing to see that people thought of me in a certain negative way, I became stronger and more open minded. It built a defense mechanism, and confidence that still stands today.

That very decision lead me all the way to meeting my husband. As you might know, our marriage was arranged by our parents, but we had the decision in our hands to whether we wanted to get married or not.

My husband still tells me sometimes, that if I hadn't taken the initiative to talk or stay in touch later, or if I hadn't spoken much, then he probably wouldn't have gotten to know me well enough to wed into. 

So, that's why I say I am proud to be an Ambivert. As I achieved a lot of things, and experienced  a lifetime worth of memories because of it, finally coming to my place today.

Being an Ambivert is a privilege.

 I don't mean to say that Introverts are boring, or Extroverts are annoying. They're all great in their own way. I'm just saying that discovering and embracing who you are is important, and definitely something you should cherish!

You shouldn't bother what the world thinks or says about you. You should still keep your head held high, and be your genuine self. That's all that matters. Whether you're an Ambivert, or not!

So, what's your story? 

Let me know in the comments below, or you can DM me on my Instagram

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