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Updated: Sep 6, 2019

“With Self-Discipline, almost anything is possible”

Theodore Roosevelt

One of the most reoccurring and major problems in this the country is the lack of Traffic Sense.

What do I mean by “Traffic Sense”?

When I say “Traffic Sense”, I mean the ability to be responsible, aware, and conscious while on the road.

That means you are responsible and disciplined while driving, traveling or walking on the road or in traffic, as well as aware of the situation on the road, and conscious, healthy and stable while traveling by road.

Why am I talking about this?

Over 137,000 people were killed in road accidents in the year 2013 alone. Which is more than the number of people killed in all of our wars put together.

16 children die on Indian roads every single day.

At least 5 deaths happen on Delhi’s roads daily.

There is one death every four minutes due to a road accident in India.

Drunken driving is one of the leading causes of road accidents. The second being lack of Traffic Sense.

One serious road accident occurs every minute and 16 die on Indian roads every hour.

1214 road crashes occur every day in India.

25% of total road crash deaths involve two-wheeler vehicles.

20 children under the age of 14 die every day in road accidents.

377 people die every day, which is equal to a jumbo jet crashing every day.

Two people die every hour in Uttar Pradesh – State with the maximum number of road crash deaths.

Tamil Nadu is the state with the maximum number of road crash injuries.

The Top 10 Cities in India with the highest the number of Road Crash Deaths (Rank –Wise):

1. Delhi (City) 2. Chennai 3. Jaipur 4. Bengaluru 5. Mumbai 6. Kanpur 7. Lucknow 8. Agra 9. Hyderabad 10. Pune

Need I say more?

Indian Accident Statistics over the years 

People are the Problem….

When was the last time you obeyed a traffic light? 

How many times do you see yourself, or anyone else disobeying the laws of traffic? 

That includes:

Jumping a signal,



Taking a turn without indication,

Talking on the phone or texting while driving,

Drinking and driving,

Driving under the influence,

Driving when you are not stable or ill,

Driving with too many people on board,

Crossing the road beyond the zebra crossing, or crossing the road while vehicles are in movement or in extreme traffic,

Moving your vehicle too close to another vehicle in traffic,

Tried to squeeze in between gaps of vehicles while in traffic,

Parking in a NO PARKING zone,

Abruptly stopping a vehicle in the middle of the road,

Blocking a road with your vehicle and much much more!

YES All of these are inclusive in BREAKING THE RULES OF TRAFFIC

 If you answered all of those questions with a yes, and have a situation in mind, then I guess the problem is evidently clear.

It's not just you or me who has been irresponsible in traffic. This is a nation-wide issue that keeps getting worse by the day. 

I understand that people are in a hurry and would like the easy way out of these things, but just imagine. In the one split second, you disobey traffic rules or morals, you put yourself and anyone with you at risk. Within that one split second, anything can happen.

You might get into an accident, you might hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or even get killed! 

The worst part among all of this is, even if it isn't your fault, and even if you are one of those individuals who try to follow these rules and morals, you're STILL at risk because of the individuals who DON'T! 

Here is a practical example...

(From Left to Right)

1. This is what traffic looks like in the U.S.

2. This is what traffic looks like in Europe.

3. This, is what traffic looks like in India.

Now you tell me, what is the difference? What is the problem?

Do not blame the Government!

Sure, the government is responsible for handling these things, but the problem is, even if they do initiate strict rules, and harsh consequences for traffic, the public STILL makes the same mistakes, and in turn blame the government for not taking initiative.


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I would like to thank the people who participated in my poll on Instagram and who have a hand in choosing this topic for my blog. 

Sorry for posting this later than expected!


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Pictures Courtesy: Google Images.

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