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Things to do if you want to take up a course after Graduating in IT...

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The IT industry is a sea of various career opportunities. Knowing which field within the industry to prepare for, is a huge question that bewilders students while they work on building their resumes. So, what programming course is the best to learn?


The first thing to do as a graduate or someone who is planning their future is to stop listening to everyone. Why?

Firstly, your career is to be decided by YOU. Each person has different kinds of advice regarding the selection of courses. One person may find JAVA easy and in high pay, whereas another may think Business Analysis or Big Data is. Not one person will tell you the same thing. That's for sure.

You can't follow everyone's advice right? Listening to each and every person's advice will be like standing in a room full of people talking to you all at once. CONFUSING. Yes, there will be people who may guide you the right way. Yet, it's better to have clarity on these things before you go and seek for advice.


Go online and conduct some research by digging into what the course entails, what kind of programming, skill, or domain you would be working on, the industry or job roles that demand those skills/course study, and most importantly; Are you willing to be focused and learn the course WITH INTEREST!

If you end up learning a course that you take up just because it's in demand and not out of your will to learn, then you will just be driving on a road that leads to a dead-end, my friend.


The first misconception about the IT industry is that programming/coding is the only way in. NOT TRUE!

There are roles where programming is very minimal, and there are roles where programming and coding are the only things you do. Testing, Analysis, and Development are three different categories wherein sometimes there is no link at all!

Every company has various departments. The main ones are;

  • Production

  • Research and Development (often abbreviated to R&D)

  • Purchasing.

  • Marketing (including the selling function)

  • Human Resource Management.

  • Accounting and Finance.

  • Service & Labor

Understand your interest and move forward with a clear picture of the job you feel that you would do your best in. Who knows? Maybe a skill or interest of yours, that isn't related to programming may get you in one of those departments!


Being fresh out of college and having no or little experience is pretty common and it's okay! Just understand that you need to work hard to get to the pay scale you want to reach, ESPECIALLY in countries like the USA, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

There may be some individuals who get a job that pays really well at first, don't compare yourselves to them. Sometimes with high pay jobs, in the beginning, may cause difficulty in finding jobs later as your expectation would be portrayed to be high and local companies or small scale companies might hesitate to hire such candidates.

Not to mention, that some companies even find overly experienced candidates unfit for roles as they feel that the individual may leave the job for another one. Hence, preventing hiring to even happen in the first place.

Starting out small isn't a bad thing! You can work for six months to a year and apply for other roles if you seek for higher pay. Something is better than nothing!

Also, understand that no job is a small one! Even jobs like Customer Service or Sales (which are infamously made fun of or looked down upon by IT professionals or those who work in the IT industry) are very very important!

Talking to customers and solving their problems all day is not an easy task. In fact, there are many companies that pay really well for CSR or Sales Representatives as the job is very difficult.


While conducting research, look into sample resumes online and look for common skill sets or tasks individuals have acquired in the particular role which you wish to apply for.

Try searching for courses that can build those skills! That helps in making your profile/Resume look really good and eventually attracts potential hiring managers.


LinkedIn, Dice, Ziprecruiter, Monster, Indeed, and so many more occupational sites exist on the web. Maintaining and constantly updating your profiles is important along with staying active and keeping an eye out on requirements that may help you.

Following companies on LinkedIn can help you in being notified whenever a position is available. Such things can keep you active and stay diligent in your job search.

You can also understand the various skills you can build in order to apply for the field of your choice, by looking at other users' profiles or even staying in touch with people from the company you wish to apply for is a plus!

Surprisingly, some companies even request social media information such as Twitter ID's or even Instagram, just to see what their company is hiring themselves into, both professionally and psychologically. So, maintaining your profiles is equally important than just creating them.


As mentioned before, no job is small and no opportunity is a waste of time! Even if you feel a job role won't be a great fit or if the role demands requirements which you cannot do, attending the interview won't hurt! In fact, it'll build our confidence, prepare you for future interviews, and maybe if you get the job, the company may compromise on your needs IF they feel you're a great candidate.

Just give it a try! You have nothing to lose, right?


Every persons' journey is different and each person grows at their own pace. When the time comes, you will surely shine! Until then, don't give up! Work harder and keep learning new things each day to sharpen your skills. Just keep applying and actively look out for roles that will be a great fit for you.

Shake off the negative energy, and breathe! You'll do just fine!


Hello Wanderers!

I apologize sincerely for not being active on my blog. I know everyone is probably at home, struggling in their own way through these crazy times. I really hope you all are staying safe, and taking good care of your physical and mental health! New posts will be coming out really soon and I surely will post more often now!

If you liked this post, or have any suggestions which you'd like to drop in, let me know in the comments below or contact me on any one of my Social Media Platforms! I'd be glad to hear it!

Until next time!


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