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The "Secret" to a happier Life...

Want to know the "Secret" to lead a more happier, and calm life?

Life itself is a journey of ups and downs, a mixture of every emotion that could be felt, including being happy.

Nobody has a completely sad life, nor a happy one. Similarly, no one possesses a perfect life. 

Doesn't matter if they're rich or poor.  Everyone has their share of joys, sorrows, anger, jealousy, struggles, and successes etc.

I bet you've heard that millions of times before, right?

Well, let me tell you something different then.

What a lot of people don't know is, that every emotion is a choice we make for ourselves to feel. To be happy, is one's choice. To be sad is too!

You have the power to control how you perceive things.

In a stressful and progressing world today, many individuals find it hard to recognize their happy side. They are so indulged in the process of being stressed that they forget very little things that can be done to actually make life easier and better.

For example, we believe that we have so many problems and issues to deal with. So much of stress and pressure from work, family etc. and keep worrying about why we aren't getting to where we want to be. 

If you feel the same way, then how did personalities such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Venus Williams, Bill Gates etc achieve fame and success?

They've been through hardship too, but what did they do to achieve it and get through all of their struggles with patience? 

I can't tell you exactly what they might have done, but I can tell you one of my "Secrets".

You might be familiar with the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. 

It's undoubtedly one of my favorite books to read, and I simply cannot get enough of it. 

So why am I talking about a book between all of this? Don't worry! 

I'm not going to write a review or synopsis of the book right now, but I'd like to talk about the main concept of the book which many leaders and successful personalities have implemented into their lives, and which is helping me in life to get through struggle and hardship these days. 

So what is the law of attraction?

What does it have to do with being happy in life? 

The Law of Attraction is the process of your thoughts being translated and becoming reality. "Dominant thoughts will always be brought to life, be it positive or negative."

Basically, your life will be a reflection of your thoughts. Now who has control over that? Oh yeah! 


Every thought you possess, and every image you hold in your mind is what you will eventually bring to life.

" Like attracts Like" 

You're like a magnet.

The only difference is that a normal magnet gets attracted to only things that are capable of it to do so, but you are a magnet that has the power to CONTROL what you are getting attracted towards.

The point is that you have control over what you attract in your life. So, to be happy and successful, you must attract good things into your life.

Be it people, thoughts, or actions.

Having positive people around you always guarantees good vibes coming into your life.

Thinking positively reflects positive actions, and in turn brings greater or satisfactory results.

In both cases, you have a better outcome in life, and are eventually content with what you have in life. When you're satisfied with what you have, you are happy. Now do you get the connection?

Negativity can be in many forms such as people who don't encourage you or your goals, who aren't positive about their own lives, who bring you down constantly.

Thoughts that can prevent you from taking a good step,  that make you think low of yourself, or which make you think negatively about others. 

If you think about all of your problems and worry too much, you will attract more issues towards you.

If you think that you can't achieve something or that you're unworthy, you will attract unsatisfactory incidents or ideas.

If you think negatively and speak negatively about people or spend time with people who do, then you will attract nothing but negativity. 

Don't worry about what people think! Even if you do the best you can, there will be people who judge you, and point fingers anyway. Instead of focusing on negativity of that sort, focus on building yourself and doing good. 

Any form of negativity can be eradicated or at least avoided through the implementation of the law in your life. 

For implementing the law in your life, there are a few things to consider and always keep in mind for it to do its magic. 

1) It is important to have an intense desire for what you want

~Having a strong desire towards something gives you the motivation and power to achieve it. 

2) You should have a strong clarity when you imagine your goal. 

~Having a clarity in what you want and where you want to be, helps you pave a clearer and more efficient path towards your goal. 

3) Be Consistent and Constant

~Develop a positive idea of what you believe in and stay constant towards it. 

~Trust your instincts as long as you think positively and are surrounded by equally positive people. 

~Affirmation can bring about a major change in how you perceive things in life. 

4) Stay Focused, and be Confident.

~Staying focused towards your goal without any negative thoughts or people helps you get to your goal

~Being confident not only brings positivity in your life, it also shows others how positive and harmonized you are. 

5) Believe in Yourself

~Believing in yourself and your desire in a positive manner helps you make the existence of your goal possible. 

6) Gratitude 

~One of the most important qualities to have in order to go forward in life, is to be thankful for what you have in your life, as well as to those who helped you get there. 

~Constantly showing gratitude brings a positive energy into your mind and life,and eventually helps you attract better things. It also helps you to gain strength and confidence to manifest the things you wish to achieve.

7) Manifestation

~Using your skills and determination, invest your energy into bringing your goals and thoughts to life.

It's really easy once you get a grip on it. Trust me, it's not that hard. Start step by step with a positive thought and implementing each quality from the littlest of things. 

With the help of all these 7 qualities, you can surely achieve anything you desire or be content with what you have in life. Which eventually can make you happy. 

Do you agree?

Would you consider to apply The Law of Attraction in your life?

Let me know in the comments below or DM me to my Instagram handle!

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