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My Summer Secrets...

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Taking care of your skin is extremely important and a very serious thing.

Especially after a certain age, or drastic lifestyle changes. Physical care is such an important aspect to follow daily.

Our skin, hair, and bodies need the maximum amount of care that they can get!

Unfortunately, most people tend to do it in the wrong way, don't know the importance, ignore, or overdo things when it comes to wellness and care.

The reasons could be poor product choices, not knowing what suits them, ignorance, etc.

I'm not saying that I'm perfect at it. I'm not good at it either but, I don't stop trying! I exist among the people who stress to find the best products for their skin.

It took me YEARS to find, and understand which products suit, and which ones are the best for my skin. Since my skin pattern changes based on the season or environment, it was always difficult finding the right products like face washes, moisturizers, sunscreens, shampoos, serums, etc.

In fact, I'm STILL EXPLORING! Although I do have a few products that have made it permanently to my shopping list, and won't be replaced until and unless I find a better one.

A lot of people have asked me for years about how my skin stays healthy, and untanned even during the harshest summer months in India. They compliment me for having good skin, as well as make fun of me by assuming the loads of products I must be using to maintain my skin that way. I don't mean to say that my skin is perfect, and I definitely don't use too many products on my skin.

I have extremely sensitive skin that reacts and gets damaged easily so, it is absolutely necessary that I take care of it and maintain it well enough to stay healthy. Even I have days where I just want to wear sunglasses and a hat to cover some zits or acne scars.

Though I have a fair complexion, but I never have promoted the whole "Fairness" nonsense, and I'm pretty sure that I never will. Just to make that clear.

Did you know?

It is important to change your routine and products every few months to let your body adapt. Using the same products for long periods can make your body unsustainable to change.

So how do you know what your skin/hair type is, and what to do? Well, I'm not an expert but these are the things I've heard from beauty bloggers and even some dermatologists!

Things to always keep in mind.....

1. Moisturizing is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Regardless of your skin type. There are many types of moisturizers available to suit your skin. Oil-free, hydrating, gels, creams, serums, face oils, organic, mild. You name it!

2. ALWAYS use sunscreen. If you see the sun today, put on sunscreen! Regardless of the weather! Similar to moisturizers, there are sunscreens that suit every skin type.

3. Washing your face is equally important to every skin type. Just because you have dry skin doesn't mean you should wash your face less often, and oily skin doesn't mean you should wash it many times. Not cleansing enough can make the skin dull, and over-cleansing can cause irritation, damage, and breakouts. The cleansing routine should be done at least twice a day.

4. Toning can really help! Alcohol-free toners are best suited for any skin type. Just take a small amount on a cotton pad and DAB it in, instead of rubbing it in right after you cleanse your face.

5. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type. Cream-based cleansers for dry skin, deep cleansing for oily skin, mild for sensitive skin, etc.

6. Be very careful while buying makeup or beauty products! Always read the benefits and label to see if your skin can keep up! Non-comedogenic makeup is best for combination or oily skin, whereas hypoallergenic is great for sensitive and dry skin.

What are always in my cupboard for the summer?

My skin is a little sensitive and combined (Having an oily T-zone and eyelids, and dry patches around the nose, cheeks, and mouth). Winters are manageable since my skin balances to the dry side. So, it's easier to filter out products which can fall into my checkout basket.

Summers are the most difficult time though. Along with the horrid combination, sweating, smudging, humidity, and dust makes the oily areas worse, and the dry areas very dull. Not to mention sun damage despite the layer of makeup or moisturizer!

Over the years, I have carefully narrowed down a list of things that are absolutely essential to have with me to get me through the harshest of summer.

I use "Ayush- Pimple Clear Turmeric" Face wash, "Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte sunscreen", "Biotique- Dandelion ageless serum"

1. Face wash

It is EXTREMELY important to maintain a face wash separately from your body.

2. Face Cleanser & Massage tool

Have you heard of the Foreo Luna? It's a silicone vibrating massager with soft bristles. 

I found a duplicate and much affordable version on amazon.

I just apply a little bit of Face wash to it, wet my face and cleanse my skin. 

The vibrations and bristles reach deep into my pores and remove dead skin, leaving my face smooth and soft. (I am confident enough to go bare skin and without any makeup because of it!)

3. Body & Lip Scrub

Our body has buildup that soap alone cannot get. Our lips become dry, and flaky which lip balms cannot fix.

Despite being summer, I face a lot of dryness near my feet, legs, and elbows. I have mild eczema which causes a rash around my lips if they become too dry.

So these products are always in my bag!

4. Face Serum

Over the past 2 years, I've been traveling all over the place without a gap. The constant change in food, water and weather affected my health, in turn started to show on my face through early aging signs.

Not to mention pollution and extreme bodily changes!

As a matter of fact I stand supported, as dermatologists suggest to start using anti-aging products from your early 20's itself to protect your skin from any damage.

Again, I have sensitive skin, so I carefully select the products I want to use and only continue using them if they work.

Choose a serum, or skincare that fits in with your skin needs.

5. Sunscreen & Moisturizer

Since I have combination skin, I mix a little bit of moisturizer and sunscreen together and pat it down all over my face.

I use the "Ayush- Thick and Long" Shampoo, Followed by the "Hask- Argan Oil Hair Mask Serum", and Oil my hair regularly with the "WOW- 10 in 1 Hair Oil"

6. Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum

Similar to my skin, I have combination hair. Where my roots easily become oily, and the ends are extremely dry. I also have a bit of dandruff and a hair fall problem because of the constant change in weather, health, and water.

~I wash my hair once on every 3rd day, and try to use shampoos that are organic or free from parabens and SLS.

Conditioners depend on the brand of shampoo.

Since I have dry ends, I use a moisturizing serum ONLY on my strands.


~It's important to not rub shampoo or conditioner into your hair roughly. As wet hair is prone to more breakage and damage.

~Towel dry your hair first (pat not rub!) before using a hairdryer (if you use one), and use hairdryers with a cool setting to prevent heat damage.

~I only straighten my hair for occasions since styling can really damage my hair.

~I regularly oil my hair using "WOW - 10 in one hair oil" which I ordered on amazon. I apply a generous amount onto my scalp, massage, and apply it to my strands and ends. I then tie my hair into a bun or braid it, and cover it with a scarf and sleep before the day I plan to wash my hair.

7. The "Secret ingredient"

A lot of people ask me how I managed to get clear skin despite having severe acne during my school years, or how I manage to stay untanned (I get sunburns instead) during summers.

I have a secret recipe I use as a face pack 

Just mix sandalwood powder, and Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) (1 tbsp each) with a 1 tbsp Honey, and cold rosewater into a paste. Apply it to your face, and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water. You're good to go!

(Remember to conduct a patch test to make sure you aren't allergic or getting any reactions to the pack. It worked for me, but that doesn't guarantee that it will for everyone.)

Along with that (once a week), I use Aloe Vera gel every alternate night after washing my face. I spread a generous amount all over my face and leave it on to wash it off the next morning.

This has helped reduce my acne, prevented breakouts, keeping my skin healthy and bright even during the harshest of summer.

Another secret product that I've been using recently, and am madly in love with, is the "SkinSalad - Vitamin c overnight gel" which is infused with great citrus extracts and collagen! 

The nights where I don't apply aloe Vera gel, I apply this, in the same exact manner.

This product not only brought soft, glowing skin.

Along with the face massager, this product revived my skin and made me confident enough to go bare skin without any makeup.

I've been following this routine for over a year now, and I cannot explain how good my skin has felt since ages!

Important things to keep in mind

~ Good skin comes from a good skin routine along with healthier food intake, and proper exercise. 

~ No skin product alone can help give you better-looking skin. To get 80% of results, you should contribute your 20% which is your routine, proper sleep, healthy food intake, positive thoughts, and exercise. 

~ Stress can also be a factor that affects your skin and hair. Always have positive thoughts, and maintain a healthier lifestyle to have a healthier mind. That way, you glow from the inside! 


As I've mentioned before, not all products are comfortable for everyone. The products I have mentioned have suited MY skin, which doesn't guarantee your fit. So before trying out any of these products, please make sure that you research well about it, read the ingredients, and test them with a patch test.

So what's your routine? Did you like any of the products I mentioned? Let me know in the comments below...

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