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Benefits of Fermented Rice Water...

Want a permanent solution to all of your hair related woes?

Try using Rice water in your routine, and I'm sure you'll agree when I say that it does wonders! In fact, its good for your skin and well-being too!

How can I make Rice Water?

Have you ever cooked rice before?

Well, before cooking the rice, you should wash it once or twice, right? Next time, instead of throwing out the water, just save it in a bowl. There you have it! That's Rice water!

What is Fermented Rice Water?

When you leave Rice water in a container at room temperature overnight (or even 24-48 hours), you'll notice a sour smell.

You will also notice that a clear liquid with some residue sunk at the bottom of the container. That means you've just made yourself a batch of Fermented Rice Water!

The image on the left is what fresh Rice Water looks like before fermenting it (white and cloudy), whereas the image on the right is what Fermented Rice Water looks like (Clear with some residue on the bottom with a sour-like smell)

To know about the History of Rice Water Benefits click here

A study conducted in the year 2010, mentioned that using rice water for hair decreases surface friction and increases the hair elasticity. A Japanese research facility is looking into creating an imaging technique that will visualize the strengthening effect of inositol – that can be found in rice water – on hair.

Normal Rice Water vs. Fermented Rice Water

You might be wondering how these two entities differ, and which one is the better one to choose for your routine. I had the exact same question as well, when I first stumbled upon this regime. Here's what I found out.

If you want to use Rice Water for benefiting your hair, then its best to go for Fermented Rice water. I'll tell you why...

1. The pH level of our hair is around 5, which means we need something more towards being acidic to balance the pH levels in our hair. The pH level of Rice Water is more than 5, which means that it won't be advisable to use on your hair directly (you can maybe dilute it in water).

Fermented Rice Water, on the other hand, brings down the pH levels of Rice water to that of your hair, and also helps in closing the cuticles which thereby protect your hair.

Fermented Rice water contains more and enhanced vitamins and nutrients than the ones existing in normal Rice water which can nourish your hair follicles, promote healthy hair growth, and improving the overall condition of your hair.

During the process of Fermentation, a substance called 'Pitera' is formed in the Rice Water, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and organic acids.

'Pitera' is very well known to promote cell-regeneration and keeps your skin and hair healthy while restoring the pH balance of your hair since it is acidic in nature.

2. The pH level of Normal Rice water is perfect to use for your skin, and even consume rather than using it on your hair. Since there are already vitamins, minerals etc. in it, then its beneficial for your well-being and to promote healthier skin.

So, if you think about it, both of them have their own pro's to be considered for usage in a daily routine.

How can I make Fermented Rice Water?

Step 1: Take 1/2 cup of rice (any rice will do) and soak it in two cups of water (or boil it in 3 cups of water). Keep it aside for 15-30 minutes (or boil for 5-10 minutes until the water is cloudy and let it cool)

Step 2: Strain the water from the mixture into a container and let it sit for a day or two in room temperature. Stop fermenting when you notice a sour smell emanating from the container, and refrigerate the liquid.

Step 3: Add a cup or two of warm water and mix the fermented rice water to dilute it. Since it is highly potent, its better not to use it directly on your hair (or skin).

Benefits of Fermented Rice Water

1. Improves the hair growth

2. Reduces and even prevents split-ends

3. Strengthens the hair follicle, and protects the hair from damage while repairing it too.

4. Increases the volume of your hair

5. Makes your hair smooth and tames frizz.

6. Eliminates and prevents Dandruff

7. Helps in eliminating Lice

8. Acts as a conditioner to the hair when used as a rinse at the end of your shower.

9. The vitamins (specifically B & E), antioxidants, minerals and rich amino-acids present in the water can make your hair look and feel healthier

10. The minerals and antioxidants present in FRW help to purify and smooth the skin, working to minimize fine lines and decrease the appearance of pores.

11. It helps to boost cell regeneration, keeping the skin bright and supple.

12. rice water also contains linoleic acids, which are fatty acids that offer anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties which help keep the skin healthy, soft and supple.

My Personal Experience with FRW

I started to use FRW ever since I saw the many trending YouTube videos and articles and have seen a significant difference (Which is why I posted this article on a positive note .....DUH!)

As instructed, I made my own FRW and used it by diluting a small amount in a bigger jug of water. After rinsing off shampoo from my hair, I used it as a last rinse (if the smell seems a little overwhelming, you can rinse and massage it into your hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing that out with plain water. That has equally great effects too).

Since I have hormonal issues, and stress from traveling and work, I began to lose a lot of hair and I have been cautious about taking care of my hair and skin.

When I saw the articles related to FRW I decided to give it a try. It's a natural product and has no side effects, plus a huge history and tradition behind it, so why not?

On the first day of using FRW on my hair, I didn't really notice much of a change in the amount of hair I usually shed but, I did notice that my hair was less frizzy than before, and also very easy to manage than before (Always remember, natural products never show instant results. They take time and you should maintain usage to see a change). Gradually, my hair fall also reduced and after a month of trying this routine (once in a week), I cannot be happier!

Before using FRW on my hair. Yup...that's a lottttt!
After one month of using FRW on my hair (Once in a week)

Yup! That is the real deal, and real results!

Have you tried FRW on your hair or skin? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below or DM me on my Instagram!


This article is based on a true experiment and the results are completely based on my skin/hair type and daily routine. Just because it worked for me in a month (or worked for me in general), does not mean it will work for everyone in the same manner. Hence, be sure to follow instructions along with a healthy routine and be patient to see the results. Make sure that you are not allergic to rice or rice water before trying out this regime and also consult with a dermatologist if your hair/skin problems do not get solved or get worse.

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