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Animal Cruelty is a serious problem...

"The greatness of a Nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated."

-Mahatma Gandhi

It's all over Social Media and the news. We all know what is going on. Yet, we just share the news or pictures and stay quiet later but did you ever think about why these things happen?

How much it's happening, and to what extent they're going? No? Well, you're about to find out.


There will be graphic footage, pictures and details mentioned in the links I am about to provide. This article is not meant to offend or demean any nation, continent, or culture. I respect every tradition, religion and choice but harming or killing animals in the name of "Tradition", "culture", "Superstition", or even for "fun" is UNACCEPTABLE!

I am a Hindu, who is very spiritual at heart.

Recently, during the time of Ganesh ( God of New Beginnings, Success and Wisdom, Remover of Obstacles, and the God with the head of an Elephant) Chaturthi (a festival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesh)

I witnessed a disturbing post on Instagram where people threw firecrackers and lit a baby elephant on fire. It was heartbreaking to see, and unimaginable to even think about.

The pictures taken after the disastrous Amazon fire were also extremely sad.

I have also seen posts where people are beating up street dogs, and cats to the point where they are severely injured, or succumb. When I posted it in my story, someone told me that they were probably doing it because the stray dogs attacked or harmed kids in the community. I didn't even know how to react to that honestly. All I knew was that taking a life in vengeance for another isn't the answer.

I have also seen comments, and messages that a few of my friends received for posting about animal cruelty like: "You hypocrite! You eat animals yourself and talk about saving them!"

Of course,eating them is included in cruelty because of the way they're treated before they're killed for the sake of filling another's stomach but I won't call such people hypocrites or judge them so harshly. In fact, all I have to say is that I respect peoples food choices, not their actions against animals.

Although there is a drawback set for the environment too if you are a meat-lover...

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Animal Cruelty Acts being done today

  • Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations that put greater priority on profits than the health of the puppies. Many dogs are plagued with illnesses like kidney or heart disease as a result of the conditions they’re kept in.

  • Thousands of greyhounds die each year—some in the name of “selective breeding”—before they ever touch a racetrack. Many dogs do not make it to the nominal “retirement” age of 4 or 5.

  • Due to genetic manipulation, 90% of broiler chickens (chicken bred specifically for meat production) have trouble walking.

  • Dog-fighting became prevalent in the US after the Civil War, with professional pits proliferating in the 1860's and was a source of entertainment for police officers and firemen.Today, dog-fighting has been reported in urban, suburban, and rural settings in all regions of the country.

  • More than 50% the fur in the US comes from China, where millions of dogs and cats are often bled to death and skinned alive for their fur. Chinese fur is often mislabeled, so if you wear any fur, there’s no sure way of knowing whose skin you’re in.

  • It’s been estimated that there are 900 to 2,000 new cases every year of animal hoarding in the US, with 250,000 animals falling victim.

  • Over 115 million animals – mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others – are killed in laboratory experiments worldwide for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing every year.

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  • Every major circus that uses animals has been cited for violating the minimal standards of care set by the United States Animal Welfare (AWA).

  • Most rodeo events rely on creating a stressful environment for the domesticated and often docile animals involved. Participants rely on harsh handling practices (i.e. twisting calves’ tails or painful electric shocks) to make animals perform.

  • The exotic pet trade is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US and while some wild pets are bred in captivity, many are taken from their native habitats. The stress of being violently removed from their homes causes a number to die prematurely.

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Statistics On Animal Cruelty

The number of cruelty cases that we see on news and television is just a tip of an unimaginable iceberg, as most of the animal cruelty cases are never reported.

Although there is no proper national reporting system for animal cruelty other than PETA, some media reports say that this happens in both rural and urban areas.

Here are some statistics on animal cruelty based in news reports:

Countries Most Cruel to Animals






Countries Kind To Animals


2.Hong Kong



And don't even get me started with psychotic acts done to animals for "Fun". Not cool. Not done. Not acceptable!

Why do it?

What wrong have they done?

Why are we taking pictures/videos instead of STOPPING the act, or preventing it from happening?

What is the point in making such posts viral? Rather than acting upon it, and spreading awareness of the issue on your social media platforms?

Let me know in the comments below, or DM me to my instagram

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