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Accuse? or Accept?

"The best way to learn from your mistakes, is to admit them rather than to blame them on someone else."

When something goes wrong, there are always two sides of the equation divided among the parties.

The Accused, and The Accusers.

When you look further into the situation, there are many possibilities among two of the parties.

1. Those who accuse the others, do it because they want to cover their mistakes or save their respect or dignity from being harmed by doing so. 2. Those who accuse others because they are insecure about themselves 3. Those who genuinely aren't at fault and blame the significant other 4. Those who accept accusations because they don't want to hurt the other, even if they are not at fault 5. Those who are genuinely at fault and accept accusations

1,2, and 3 are quite common whereas 4&5 are rare case scenarios.

I don't want to bore you here, but to explain the point of this blog, there needs to be proper execution of facts.

So you know why people accuse others or why they accept accusation but did you know that you have another option?


Acceptance is one of the hardest things people find to do. Especially during situations that bring accusation into the picture.

Those who are accused tend to react, or get hurt and keep their feelings inside which eventually hurts them more or even makes the argument bigger.

The Accusers on the other hand, keep their mouths going by constantly blaming the significant other, or take pride in when the other stays quiet.

Both of these scenarios are dangerous for both of the groups. Why? Well, if the people who are being accused react, then the argument becomes bigger or they end up deeply hurt. If the accusers get a chance to continue rambling, then they won't stop, which eventually makes the argument worse, or if they take in pride or ego while the other person stays quiet, it means that they've won. Regardless of who is at fault.

Why can't people just accept things?

The accused (who are at fault) can just accept their mistake and calm down the situation, and if they are not at fault, accept it anyway and let the situation be. As long as you're true to yourself, your loved ones and God nothing else matters.

The Accusers (at fault) can just accept their faults or accept that the other person will not listen no matter how much they ramble or accept that being proud of all of this isn't healthy for either of you.

Why is acceptance such a hard thing to do?

Does ego come in the way?

Is there a valid reason for anyone not to accept their mistakes?

So what will happen if acceptance comes into the picture?

Once people accept their mistakes instead of accusing others regardless of the situation, then people genuinely become better.

Acceptance can be in various forms

~ Accepting diversity in the world: reducing racism and terrorism and encouraging equality in genders, and all races. ~ Accepting one's mistakes to save an argument from worsening ~Acceptance of ones' and others' selves to eliminate issues like inferiority complex, body image issues, stress from bullying etc.

And much more!

The concept of Acceptance alone can reduce so many world issues, including terrorism, and rivalry.

Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, body image issues etc. can be reduced as acceptance reduces the stress and strain given by a particular situation over time.

Acceptance is more powerful than we can imagine. One small step can save you from trouble, save energy, and time.

So when was the last time you faced acceptance or accusation?

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