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World Famous Lover - My Opinion- Not a review!

Updated: May 22, 2020

I just came home from watching “World famous lover”.

To be honest I had seen the ratings on the internet and thought this movie wasn’t going to meet the expectations that we had since we already booked tickets to go.

When I walked into the theatre I decided to not put in any expectations because to be honest, every person has their own opinion.

Some people like certain things or movies while others don’t. It’s basic reality.

I felt it was too harsh to judge a complete film based on just a few words that people say on the internet.

No comparison to Arjun Reddy

Firstly, I’d like to say that we should stop comparing every role of Vijay’s to the character he played in Arjun reddy.

I get that the character stayed in our heads and thoughts and whatever we see we compare it to that character but honestly, he is trying really hard to keep himself on track and maintaining the INTENSITY of the role he plays (the same intensity which made people fall in love with him in the first place), which isn’t wrong at all because he is clearly trying different things and we are judging him harshly for it.

I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan or want to be “noticed”. It’s my opinion.

It’s a natural instinct for us to compare, but to completely throw off his performances in every one of his movies makes us forget that he is one of the most versatile actors in South Indian cinema who can pull off intense roles with ease.

My experience watching the film

I do understand that people have different opinions and so each individuals experience of the film will vary.

I’m going to express MY VIEW AND UNDERSTANDING of this film.

The story was pretty clear to me. The screenplay is definitely different and very unique than other love stories we see and that’s what makes it special.

I don’t intend expose the entire film plot here but I do warn you of possible spoilers ahead.

The beauty of the script definitely comes from the characters and the moral that each one of them teaches us.

The way they make us relate to our lives in some way or the other is captivating.

The point of the film is, being in a relationship does not mean that only one person among both is subject to sacrifices, compromising, and disrespect.

There are two sides to every story and sometimes both the individuals are subject to these things when together.

Understanding each other, respecting each other physically and mentally are extremely important and can derail an entire bond if anything goes wrong.

When the climax occurs for the story occurring in the coal mines I was left in tears.

The other characters were also pretty good, but I felt that Seenayya and Suvarna captured my heart.

I cannot say this enough when I say that some of the dialogues in this film are very very deep. Like pulling on the strings of your heart kind of deep.

Especially the narration in between each story. It really strikes a chord when you get it!

To understand those kinds of dialogues, it takes a lot of deep thinking.

I’m not saying that those who didn’t like it are not thinking as such, but that I can get why most people didn’t connect to it and it’s okay.

Direction, Screenplay, and Storyline...

The direction and flow of the story were just perfectly portrayed and I applaud Kranthi Madhav sir for that!

The unique script and screenplay that this film has is definitely it’s most captivating aspect. The variation in characters and the plot was definitely refreshing and not like a routine storytelling experience and I feel glad that I got to see it!

The female leads

Among the women in the film the characters that I felt an understanding towards were Suvarna and Yamini.

People are saying that Yaminis character was a sob fest and I simply do not agree. Yes she cries a lot, but why? She is in pain and suffering. That is exactly how people (men or women) feel in a struggling and burdening relationship.

It’s a clear depiction of what depression looks like in a relationship and it’s a very hard and intense role to take up as it requires a lot of emotion put into the character to do so.

I think Raashi Khanna nailed the character beautifully and justified it well.

I could almost see the heavy heart she carried around with her and the pain of that character in her eyes. Seriously. Well done!

Suvarna is a relatable character, one who has her insecurities, is ridiculed and still stands strong in what she wants and dedicated to keep her head held high for the sake of her husband.

Aishwarya Rajesh was the ultimate powerhouse in the film. She makes her character relatable and her portrayal of a simple housewife who is determined to win her husband despite of him pointing out her flaws makes us believe in her and her story! I can’t say more as it’ll be an understatement.

As I mentioned before, the climax and her amazing acting skills had me in tears towards the end of that story.

Vijay Devarakonda

When it comes to VD, the emotions he portrayed and the soul he put into the character are nowhere in comparison to AR.

In AR they focus on how damage from a broken relationship can push you downhill and how he realizes the mistakes he has done and people whom he had hurt in that phase and owns it all.

In this film on the other hand, he depicts a character who is lost.

Suffers from writers block and shows how his sacrifices, compromises, and love are put aside because of the mistakes he commits and how it derails his relationship and stability.

He also perfectly (as usual) shows how the fear of being lonely can really get to a persons mind to alter itself completely.

The portrayal of elements from his story into other characters and their stories in the film and most importantly, realizing the value of his significant other and the mistakes that caused the mishap makes it incomparable to the latter.

You have to see the speech towards the end! That’s where you see how the plot slowly unfolds to this point that completely makes sense out of the entire script! Genius!


This post is getting a little too long but to sum it up, I think that this film is imperfectly perfect. Again, this isn’t a review. It is my opinion on the Film and what makes it relatable and intense for the audience to connect to.

The difference is, I don’t want to tell people not to watch it or watch it based on just surfaced opinions or disrespectful choice of words.

I want them to watch it based on their choice yet standing strong at how I feel about the film.

So if you would like to see a unique sequence of love stories with pain, intensity and a lot of emotions then don’t trust reviews and just go watch it for the sake of the script, the directors’ unique approach in storytelling and direction, and of course the actors!

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