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What Kind of Live Music Should You Hire?

Anyone can suggest that you hire some live musicians for your next event. That sounds great. But if you are completely tone-deaf on the mood and general aura of your occasion, you could end up really failing here.

What kind of live music should you hire? We doubt that a funk group would be welcome at a post-funeral luncheon in the deceased’s honor (although anything is possible).

So, to help get you started, here are some examples of live music you can hire and the events where they would fit best.

Saxophone Music

If you’ve been wondering if saxophone players would be right for your gathering, you have to consider the mood. Saxophones can be used for all ranges of emotional engagements, from happy to somber.

We’d suggest going for a party sax if it’s someone’s birthday or graduation day. However, don’t rule out a sax for something slightly more serious, such as the more tender parts of a wedding reception.

As you look into saxophone players, ask the performers what they usually do and what their specialty is. They might even be able to help you decide on the type of music they should play. Remember, live acts want the event to succeed as much as you do, so don’t be afraid to engage the person with questions.

Guitar Music

Guitarists are another set of versatile musicians whose craft can be employed all over the place. A slow, bluesy electric guitarist can set a relaxing tone for an anniversary celebration or memorial event for one who has passed on.

An acoustic guitarist can create the same understated mood but with a different feel. Acoustic music is perpetually popular at locally owned bars and restaurants on weekend nights, since it’s often warm and inviting and encourages patrons to stay.

Consider what your guests would enjoy hearing in the background, and then go with what they would want, not necessarily only what you would enjoy.

Dance Music

Finally, we have dance music, which, we’ll admit, is meant almost exclusively for celebratory events. Think weddings, birthday parties, milestone anniversaries, and the like. Someone who plays modern dance music or something more out of the 60s and 70s should fit right in here.

And there is also something special about any of these performers being at your venue live instead of you simply blasting music through a speaker. The presence of the entertainment at the party itself just lends the proceedings a more exciting and real feel, and you can’t go wrong by hiring an act for your next big shindig.

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