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GATHAM : A visual treat worth praising!

If you’re from South India and haven’t heard yet, a film entirely made by Software Engineers residing in the US has released on Amazon Prime on Friday, November 6th, and social media is raving about it!

Gatham is a Telugu Thriller film Directed by Kiran Reddy starring Bhargava Poludasu, Rakesh Galebhe and Poojitha Kuraparthi in the lead roles.

Originally set to release in theaters, the team eventually wrapped up for an OTT release due to the pandemic.

To be entirely honest, we cannot talk about the film without spoilers being involved. So, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The film starts out with an amazing drone shot of a man and woman running through The forest at Lake Tahoe in the snow, and suddenly shot to the ground.

Why though?

You have to watch to find out the events in the past (Gatham means Past in Telugu by the way) to find out! Coming to the leads, mainly Rakesh Galebhe, I have to say that their timing and dedication towards their roles are promising and very visible.

The story then rewinds a few days prior To this scene where Rishi (Rakesh Galebhe) wakes up in the hospital only to find out that he lost his memory and cannot recognize anyone. Even his own girlfriend Aditi (Poojitha Kuraparthi).

When he asks to see his father, as he didn’t come to see him at the hospital, wondering why, Aditi agrees to drive him there. Eventually, their car breaks down and they end up in a sticky and dangerous situation with a stranger that brings out a ton of twists and turns packed with very well worked visuals worth experiencing.

How the story unfolds, and how things turn out are for you to figure out!

It’s not easy making a film. Especially by software professionals in the US with little to no prior experience. Launching new talent should be highly encouraged and this film does that to each and every character in lead.

The film in terms of screenplay and visuals by Manoj is so amazing that you could never guess that it was made by debutants.

Coming from a short film background and well known mostly for his romantic and comic roles in MR Productions Short films, Rakesh portrays the character of Rishi, both past and present, commendably and the variations he depicts are very intense. His acting is very promising and clearly shows that he can nail intense roles. The way his character flips is just indescribable and must be witnessed to know what I mean!

Although Poojitha has limited dialogues, she gets into the shoes of her character and makes her role worthy. Especially before the plot twist. Again, you’d have to watch to know what I’m talking about. The way she supports the lead and takes control is commendable as well!

Bhargava, also very commendable is the center attraction alongside Rakesh in this film. The entire story revolves around these two roles and the way things switch from one shade to another is impeccable! I felt his role was the most intense as he showed every single emotion from sarcasm to anger and even vengeance. I must say for a debutant, he did well!

The details in every scene are very well written, and shown which brings the story to life and has you on the edge of your seat waiting to know what happens. As I said before, it’s a feature film for a crew of debutants who worked hard to bring those visuals to us, and we must learn to appreciate that! Which is why I applaud the entire crew and cast for pulling this off!

I lastly, but not least, want to talk about the background score by Sricharan Pakala which compliments the film so much, that while on the edge of your seats you literally feel the intensity of that scene JUST by the music! **Applause**

Curious now? What are you waiting for then?

Watch Gatham now streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

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