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Food for thought- The Venetian Chapter...

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

One of my favorite cuisines, is Italian and experiencing Italian food, in one of the most beautiful city's in Italy is surely mind-blowing!

Here are some of the foods we tried (and LOVED) while walking around in Venice.

The Spritz...

The first thing we had after entering the Island, was a glass of the famous "Spritz" served with potato chips. 

North-eastern Italy is famous for a wine based cocktail called " Spritz" prepared with prosecco (or champagne) wine, a dash of some bitter liqueur such as Aperol, Campari, Cynar, or, especially in Venice, with Select.

The glass is then topped off with sparkling mineral water. It is usually served over ice in a low ball glass (or sometimes a martini glass or wine glass) and garnished with a slice of orange, or sometimes an olive, depending on the liqueur. It was definitely refreshing!

An Italian style Espresso...

For those of you who don't know, an Espresso is a very small cup of coffee that can be finished in two to three (Sometimes even one!) gulps.

Since people are always in a hurry, this teeny tiny yet super strong amount of coffee is quite famous around the Island, and can really give you the energy you need on the go!

Vegan Frozen Yogurt...

One of the best snacks we had during the day out on the Island was a cup of Frozen Yogurt with fruit from Yogurt Creperie Marie, where they serve Vegan frozen yogurt- which is Lactose, and Gluten free, and less than 100 calories!

I personally love strawberries and peaches in my frozen yogurt. But, since they weren't in season at the time, the lady at the yogurt bar offered to replace them with pears and grapes along with apples and pineapple, drizzled with nutella chocolate. Basically, yummy in my tummy!

Pasta Italiano!

What is a trip to Italy, without trying Pasta?!

A classic Linguini Pasta with basic tomato sauce, cheese and Basil.

Pesto pasta, with basil sauce, cheese and olive oil.

With a glass of "Ed Sheeran"- A cocktail which contains Strawberry vodka, peach vodka, strawberry syrup, and orange juice.

As well as Ciao Bella which contains Rum, peach vodka, melon vodka, kiwi syrup and soda. All worth trying!! (Don't be frightened hearing all those alcohol terms if you don't drink. Its a minimal amount diluted, and if you are strictly staying away, then skip to the food! This is purely our experience.)

Salad- With a Twist!

We had this salad on our way back home at the Marco Polo Airport.

This salad is served with a base of Spinach, and Lettuce. Topped with sun dried cherry tomatoes, walnuts, cottage cheese and extra virgin olive oil along with a sweet and sour dressing.

I can conclude by saying that Italy has won my heart, and my stomach!

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