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On the job training is a poor substitute for the knowledge and years of experience needed to make a kitchen designer competent. And designing kitchens that remove load bearing walls requires construction knowledge from the designer that Home Depot does not : give, and experience from the contractor that Home Depot does not test for. Weve also heard a number of complaints , about the home center chains. We have a great deal of information about kitchen cabinet refacing on our website… Kitchen cabinet refacing pros: For a little less drastic and more economical kitchen renovation, refacing is the next option on the list. It also doesn’t take as long to finish. You pick out new doors and drawer fronts to replace the ones you have, and the existing cabinet boxes are covered with a veneer to match your new doors/drawers. There is a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from, even wood finishes. For those who want to update their kitchen look without changing the layout, this is a great option. And since the doors and drawer faces are being replaced, they don’t have to be in mint condition.cost to gut and remodel a kitchenUpgrading your kitchen lighting is a simple but effective way to top off any kitchen upgrade. But costs can vary dramatically depending on what type of lighting you choose. A simple DIY swap of that outdated sink light to a farmhouse-style pendant may only run you about , $50, while the national average for having a contractor install sleek, modern recessed lighting , is $150 per fixture. Whatever approach you decide to take – a major versus minor remodel – there’s a good chance you’ll reap the benefits of the upgrades. You’ll enjoy your kitchen more, increase your home's value, and maybe even receive a higher price when you’re ready to sell your home. All in all, updating your kitchen should make you a happier homeowner. “If you want to upgrade your home, the first area that gives you the biggest bang for your buck is a kitchen renovation,” said Betsy Ronel, a licensed real estate salesperson with Compass in Westchester County, New York. “You can increase the value of your home anywhere from 10%-30%.”estimate my kitchen remodelGiven my expertise as a kitchen remodeling professional in the mid-west, my estimate for 1021520 foot space is $45,000. Heres the catch. Thats if you manage the project yourself and dont hire a firm or general contractor. It , does include hiring professional trades though. The thought of finally having the kitchen of your dreams is exciting. But, while imagining all the benefits may be effortless, understanding the costs associated with a custom kitchen renovation or remodel isn’t as obvious. On behalf of my wife and myself, we want to thank you with all our hearts for the outstandingly excellent job that your team did for our kitchen renovation. Our great appreciation and admiration for Mr. George Sopkovic, our magic installer. His work efforts were beyond stellar in workmanship, pride in his work, and attention to every little detail. I hope you will extend our deepest thanks in appreciation to this extraordinary team of Kitchen Magic professionals and our only regret is that they aren’t our next-door neighbors, because they sure felt like family.""""""""


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